we believe in cheaper and cleaner power

Cheaper and Cleaner Energy Should Be Available For Every Home. 

Our team believes every homeowner should have access to cheaper and cleaner energy options, beyond the outdated and expensive utilities companies. We’re passionate about helping people upgrade their home and lifestyle using the “magic” of solar energy. 
We believe that you deserve 100% transparency throughout the entire financing and installation process. And we believe that you should be rewarded with a little fun while you wait for your home to be upgraded. 
That’s why you can expect to be surprised with gifts that show up at your door while you wait… To remind you of the amazing choice it is to get cheaper and cleaner energy for decades to come. 

Step 1: DESIGN

Our team will design a system specific to your home that fully replaces your utility company power with new, clean, and much cheaper solar power. Plus, we help you choose the best option for your budget and create a detailed proposal so you know exactly how much money you’ll be saving. This service we provide for free with no obligation.

Solar Install Step 2


Once you’ve approved the design and proposal, we handle the entire installation process from start to finish. We’ll update you every step of the way with text and email updates. Plus, you’ll get a few surprise in the mail while you wait! Because… that’s how we roll! 

Step 3: TURN IT ON

After installation is complete, we’ll let your local city/county know to complete a final inspection. After that, we get permission to turn everything on and your new shiny solar system is pumping out clean and affordable energy. That’s the Switch To Solar experience.

Happy couple sitting outside their solar powered home


Our team sources the best financing partners, install partners, panels, and equipment for maximum savings and impact on the planet. That way, no matter which financing option you decide, you know you have the best quality products, warranties, insurance, and team working to upgrade your home to solar power at the cheapest rates possible… typically with zero out of pocket cost. 
Our customer happiness concierge services are designed to handle everything for you and, keep the project moving forward if any unexpected delays come up. We stay on top of the install team and ensure they move quickly. We also expedite the permitting and inspection process and keep you up to date every step of the way. 

Because of this added service, our install times are 30 days faster than the average solar company and our clients are 100% happy
with their experience with our team!

Homeowners Who Have Powered Their Homes With Switch To Solar

Lou Lisi Testimonial for Switch To Solar
Lou Lisi
"100% satisfaction."
brian and debbie ray switch to solar testimonial
Brian and Debbie Ray
"It was actually really easy! We made the right decision and the team has been amazing."
lebowitz switch to solar testimonial
The Lebowitz
"Everything was perfect and we even got gifts, which was great. That's a little perk. Everything went smoothly and quick."
holly switch to solar testimonial
"Solar is the way to go. It just makes too much sense to go solar and get away from SDG&E."
ramone rodriguez switch to solar testimonial
Ramone Rodriguez
"All the work was very good and nice."
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