5 Myths About Solar

top 5 myths about solar

Here’s our list of the top five myths about solar and solar panels, most in need of busting.

Myth #1: The government will give you free solar panels.

No way. There are no government programs that provide free solar panels. 

However, the government does offer a 26% tax credit, and there are zero dollars down financing options that can help you save on electricity costs from day one (Power Purchase Agreement).

Myth #2: Solar is only for rich people.

Not at all. The cost of solar has fallen significantly over the past few years. And better financing options have made solar even more accessible (Power Purchase Agreement).

In fact, solar is a common middle-class purchase nowadays.


Myth #3: Going solar means going off the grid.

This one is also incorrect. The majority of solar systems that are purchased actually remain connected to the grid. This way you can get electricity from your utility when the sun isn’t shining.

power grid

Myth #4: When you go solar, you get a check from your utility company.

Unfortunately, this is very uncommon. Most utilities won’t let you install more solar panels than you need. If you produce extra electricity, utilities will typically give you credits on your bill to use in future months.

Myth #5: Solar panels will damage your roof.

Don’t worry. This one’s also a myth. Solar installers use a sealant at the site when they install solar to prevent any roof leaks. Additionally, going solar can actually extend the life of your roof because the panels are more durable than most roofing materials.

If you’d like to learn about the Power Purchase Agreement, check out this blog post.

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