20 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Solar Energy

A List of 20 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Solar Energy

20 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Solar Energy

Here are 20 reasons why you should switch to solar energy and why it’s so important to be looking into this seriously, whether it’s for the money savings, the environment, or whether it’s just because it’s the cool thing to do.

#1: It will save you tens of thousands of dollars.

The first number one reason to switch to solar is it will save you tens of thousands of dollars. No matter what type of financing you choose, whether it’s a loan or a power purchase agreement, which is one of our favorites, that financing is going to save you tens of thousands of dollars. You might as well do it for that reason if that’s your primary motivation.

#2: You can start saving money immediately.

In other words, with cash, it’s going to cost you money upfront, right? If you want to put money down because you want to pay the system off faster, that’s fine. Still, otherwise, if you get a loan or any of the other financing options, like a power purchase agreement, you’re going to save money immediately.

You’re going to save money immediately right when you enroll and right when you get the system switched on.

Your rate is going to be lower than what you’re paying your utility company no matter what. It’ll be a cold day in hell when SDG&E or PG&E has lower rates than solar panels can generate.

Switch to solar energy and save money immediately

#3: Enjoy a fast return on your investment.

If you do choose to be an investor in solar, that means you’re going to buy it, and you will get a fast return on your investment. Now, that’s if you’re investing. If you go with a power purchase agreement, there’s no need to worry about that. You’re just going to save.

#4: Endless tax incentives

Right now, there are still tax incentives, especially in California. You’ve got state and federal tax, and they are going down, but that’ll be another secret reason we’ll save for later.

#5: Dramatically increase the value of your home.

We’re using that word dramatically, but sometimes it’s very little. Still, it increases your value. Let’s say your home appraises a little higher because you got solar, but for whatever reason, it didn’t go as high as you thought it would. Maybe it only went up 7%, or 10%, or 15% more. Currently, it’s around 6% or 7% on average that it increases your home’s value when you add solar. However, it will increase the likability of your home.

For example, if someone wanted to buy your home and saw that your neighbors home is identical to yours, but they have solar, and you don’t, it’s likely they’re going to go with your neighbors home simply because they have a lower power bill with solar. It’s not just about the value of your home, but it’s easy to sell your home with solar.

switch to solar energy and increase the value of your home

#6: Protecting the environment

Absolutely. You are protecting the environment, but now, that’s not a huge reason for people much anymore. If you think about it, though, how many people switch to solar? How big of an impact is that going to make ten years from now? A massive one. When you make that change, not only will you be saving money, but it will bring comfort in knowing you are doing something for the environment, too.

#7: Decrease U.S. dependency on foreign oil

This a political thing. It helps us be more independent as a country when you choose to switch to solar.

#8: No more random utility price jumps

Now, that’s massive. Nobody likes the utility price jumps. In 2019, there was a price jump from SDG&E and PG&E. And now, they’ve submitted multiple random price jumps that were going up to 11% and 18%. Another one was 7% and 8% over the next five years. We don’t even know what’s going to get approved. They just submit them for the state’s approval. We’re just waiting around for these price jumps, and that’s annoying.

Frankly, it’s unpredictable and makes you feel insecure. With solar, once you get everything installed, it’s a predictable rate, whether you have a power purchase agreement or a loan. You know what you’re going to pay for the next twenty-five years.

#9: Guaranteed performance

We have to be careful with this, but in general, when you work with any reputable good solar company, they’re going to hook you up with someone like Sunrun or Sunnova. Those are two that we like to work with.

They are going to have guaranteed productivity of some sort, meaning they assure you that your solar panels will produce the right amount of energy you need to power your home.

If, for some reason, it doesn’t, they’re going to make sure that it gets fixed, and you will receive credits towards your next bills. It’s unlikely that they would need to come out and add another solar panel to your roof, but if required, they would do that, too.

They do an excellent job of vetting it out, making sure you get the power that it’s supposed to produce. Usually, we overestimate for you and give you extra. Guaranteed performance is a great reason to switch to solar. You’re always going to get the power that you need based on your last year’s use.

#10: It's easier than ever before to switch to solar energy.

Isn’t that the truth? You can text our team, and not ever talk to us, or have us come to your home and we will get you enrolled, and get your proposal done. Of course, you can speak to us, though. That’s our preference. We love getting to know you, but some like this convenience.

If you just want the savings and benefits and don’t care to talk to anybody to explain things to you, this is possible and very easy to do.

If you need some education and would like somebody to walk you through everything, that’s great, too. That’s what we’re here for. Either way, it’s a simple process.

Switch to solar energy because it's easy

There are no liens on your home. You don’t even have to do a loan. You can just do a power purchase agreement. They do a quick credit check, and then you’re good to go. It’s so close to merely switching from Sprint to Verizon or vise versa. It’s that simple.

It saves you money immediately.

Text BILL to (619) 304-0123, and we will help you get enrolled and answer any questions you have about the process.

#11: Solar prices have never been lower.

We won’t get too far into this, but we encourage you to do a little research on the prices. They are very low, meaning the panels, installation, and everything has kind of bottomed out. At this point, you don’t need to wait any longer because it’s not going to go lower. It’s just a matter of do you want in on it or not?

#12: No more power outages from bad weather when you switch to solar energy.

This isn’t necessarily true. If you don’t have a backup battery, then when SDG&E and PG&E have their mandates to turn off the power during bad weather or fire warnings, your power will get turned off even if you have solar. However, if you have a battery, it won’t. You do have a backup option. It’s not required when you get solar, though.

If you don’t want your power turned off during certain circumstances, get a battery. It’s going to cost you extra, but it is going to save that pain in your butt for doing that.

#13: Solar panels are highly versatile, and they last long.

energy saving tips we will pay your bills

Solar panels are guaranteed to produce over twenty-five years. That’s the most extended term you can get with a power purchase agreement. Usually, the longest term is around 20 years for a loan.

You can go as low as you want with a loan up to just paying upfront for the whole system to be installed without a loan.

The solar panels will continue to last even after the 25-year term is up. They may not produce 100% of your power, but they’ll continue to produce 80%, then go down to 70%, and so on.

For almost 60 years, panels have been producing. They’re very, very durable. It’s cool because once you have them on there, you know it’s going to last. That’s the whole point. Plus, all these companies that are doing this for you with a loan or power purchase agreement, especially, they’ll do all the maintenance and monitoring for you, which guarantees if anything happens, they fix it. You don’t have to worry about anything ever. This is one of our favorite reasons why solar is such a great option.

#14: You're leading by example.

Out of homeowners living in their own home, we’re still in the single digits of adding solar every year. So you’re going to be one of the founding members. It’s pretty awesome. It just feels good to know you’re on that innovative curve, knowing you are already seeing where things are going, and you’re going to get ahead.

#15: You're creating more jobs.

There’s no doubt about it. Solar is booming. No matter what economy, solar is going to continue to keep going because there’s so much to convert to solar power, and it’s now proven.

#16: Maintenance is a thing of the past.

When you have solar and factor in the durability, they’re going to last, whether they produce a hundred percent of what they are supposed to produce or not, it doesn’t matter, but you don’t have to maintain much. The system is weatherproof and is installed very securely to your roof. They will keep producing power.

You don’t have to do anything at all with a power purchase agreement for twenty-five years. It’s taken care of for you. You don’t even have to touch it ever. It’s pretty neat to know that you don’t have to maintain it. It’s not going to cause any problems for your neighborhood or cause fires like PG&E and SDG&E.

Fires happen because there’s this massive grid they have to maintain with all these power lines and old stuff they hadn’t maintained when they were supposed to, that’s causing issues. Not just for one home, but thousands of homes and billions of dollars in damage, or hundreds of millions at least.

By switching to solar, you’re reducing the power grid maintenance of things.

#17: You'll have access to energy anytime you need it.

You don’t only have power when the sun’s hitting your roof. If you have a battery, it’s pulling power from your battery at night.

When your solar panels are producing more power than you’re using, it actually goes into the grid, and you can take that power out of the grid at the same rate that you bought it. You don’t have to worry about paying SDG&E, for example, for pulling power out at night from their grid because you already put some in.

When we design systems, we make sure that’s always the case. You’re never going to pay extra for that. You have plenty that you’re producing so you can pull it out of the grid at night. It’s not like you suddenly have no power at night anymore just because you have solar. You have it any time you need it.

With the battery, that adds even more versatility to you having power anytime you need it.

#18: Tax credits won't last forever.

It’s 2020. Tax credits went down at the beginning of this year, and it’s going to go down next year, down again in one more year, and then they’re gone.

#19: Solar is not going away. You might as well switch to solar energy.

Solar isn’t going anywhere. You might as well join the crowd. It’s going to build up faster and faster. In fact, the more competition that comes in, the harder it is to be able to get all of this stuff, right? So it’s just basic economics in that demand is going to go up and sometimes, the prices will even go up because that demand is up and there’s no availability.

Right now is still the best time to get solar. Every year, it seems like there’s another reason why now is the best time. So go ahead and get in now. It’s not going away.

#20: Get qualified for solar within minutes.

switch to solar energy and get approved in minutes

Earlier, we mentioned it’s easy to do, but we’re talking in minutes, you will know if your home is going to be qualified for solar. Not only that, but you’ll also know how much you’ll save.

In under an hour, our team will have your proposal ready and done all via text message or a phone call. And you’re done. You’re ready.

You’ll know how to make a decision, and everything’s explained and walked through.

It’s so simple.

When you switch to solar energy with us, you can get up to $1500 in cash when your installation is complete.

Incentives are going on all the time. Right now, we’re in the middle of COVID-19, which has been a big deal. People are scared and are losing their jobs. That hurts.

We have a grant or incentives, we can call it. We’ve created a way for us to pay your bills. There are tons of companies with incentives. It’s not like we’re the only ones with incentives, but we feel confident enough to say that you’re not going to find a better offer than ours.

If you contact us, you’ll learn why. Overall, you can get up to $1500 in cash when your installation is complete. You can use that cash however you want.

We'll pay your bills for the next 12 months upon approval.

The other reason is right now we’re going to pay your bills for the next twelve months.

As an example, say your power bill with SDG&E is $300 a month, we may be able to cut that in half when you switch to solar. Whatever that new amount is, we will pay that for you for 12 months. There’s a small $10 connection fee that SDG&E will always charge you outside of solar, and we will pay that, too.

We understand that this may sound a little too good to be true, but it’s not. It’s simple economics. Things are shifting, and when there’s that big of a shift, there’s that big of an innovation. That’s the reason.

switch to solar energy and we will pay your bills for 12 months

Find out how much you can save when you switch to solar energy.

Frankly, it’s crazy if you’re not switching to solar. So go ahead. Get in on it. You should be doing it now. We’ll help you out.

Either way, at least know how much you’re going to save. That’s the first step. It’s free and takes minutes to find out.

You don’t have to talk to anybody, and no one has to come to your home. It’s all done from your phone. It’s that simple.

Hopefully, this has been enlightening motivates you to make the switch. You do not have to get solar with us, but of course, we’d love to help you.

Apply today and find out in minutes if you qualify!

With our grant that we’re running for the Power Bill Assistance Grant, you get everything installed for zero down, zero payments for 12 months, and there’s zero interest on those payments. It’s not like we’re earning interest on that or anything. We pay your bill for 12 months, and there’s zero money out of your pocket. Period.

Text the word GRANT to (619) 304-0123. When you do that, a fun little robot is going to reply, get your information and send you a link to apply and make sure you’re qualified, and off to the races.

We’ll have you hooked up with solar within 30 days. You’re going to have a new power source called solar, and all these 20 reasons why you should switch to solar energy are going to come your way.

To see whether you qualify to lower your power bill, click the button below and find out instantly!

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Thank you for reading our blog on 20 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Solar Energy. If you’re curious to know how many solar panels your home would need, check out this blog.

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