Why STS?

We believe everyone should have access to cheaper and cleaner power. Switch To Solar specializes in residential solar and we are not confined to just one option. We cut through the chaos by shopping all the best and most reputable financing and install partners for you. Then we find the absolute best deal possible for you home and personal budget. We don't cut corners and we hold your hand through the entire process. 

Most importantly, we don't offer anything we wouldn't offer our own mothers!

Why Solar?

Solar is possibly the smartest way a homeowner can save on their electric bills now and in the future... Without ever paying a dime out of pocket to get it installed and turned on. Not only that, solar has a dramatic positive impact on the planet and creates a better world for future generations.

Why Now?

First, every month you pay a power bill without solar, you're paying too much. Second, utility companies are feeling the pain from people switching to solar at such a high rate and they have submitted to the sate to approve major increases in minimum monthly charges for all future solar customers. It's just a matter of time before you're paying more, even if you do get solar. If you wait now, you'll be paying much more on your monthly minimums to keep the required connection to the grid. There's never been a better window of time to make the switch to solar and get locked in with the lowest grid connection fees possible. If you get solar now, you don't pay the higher minimum fees, ever!

Yadira Partida

Residential Solar Specialist

San Diego County, California

619-637-7871 (text or call)

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What some of our clients say about us

holly switch to solar testimonial

Holly, homeowner

"Solar is the way to go. It just makes too much sense to go solar and get away from SDG&E"

lebowitz switch to solar testimonial

The Lebowitz, homeowners

"Everything was perfect and we even got gifts, which was great. That's a little perk. Everything went smoothly and quick"

brian and debbie ray switch to solar testimonial

The Ray's, homeowners

"It was actually really easy! We made the right decision and the team has been amazing"

Lou Lisi Testimonial for Switch To Solar

Lou, homeowner

"100% satisfaction"

Laura, homeowner

"STS team was available throughout the whole process and I'm happy that it was extremely easy"

ramone rodriguez switch to solar testimonial

Ramone, homeowner

"All the work was very good"

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