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*Read everything below for program details and disclaimers. Offer may change at any time.

-Subject to credit approval.
- Application required.
- The Power Bill Assistance Grant program has been created by Switch To Solar LLC with the intent to help homeowners make the switch to solar, save money on their power bills, and get assistance with paying their power bills during the latest epidemic and resulting economic downturn.
- This is NOT a loan or lease financing offer that delays payments for 12 months. Switch To Solar LLC is reserving money to payout as a grant to each customer upon approval and provided money to pay their new solar power bill.
- Power Bill assistance will be paid in the following manner: Upon installation of your solar system, Switch To Solar LLC will either provide a cashiers check for the sum of 12 months of your new solar power bill OR Switch To Solar LLC may choose to pay the power bills one month at a time by sending the customer a cashiers check each month to cover the amount of their new solar power bill. Example: If your new solar power bill is $150 per month, then Switch To Solar LLC will issue a cashier check for a total of $1,800 to cover 12 months of that bill OR Switch To Solar LLC may opt to pay $150 per month to the customer at least 10 days before the customer's solar bill is due. - Switch To Solar LLC reserves the right to decline any customer approval for this grant at their own discretion. - Mortgage Assistance is subject to approval and may not be awarded alongside the Power Bill Assistance Grant. The maximum amount granted is $1,500 in total (not per month). The granted amount will be paid with a Cashiers Check to the customer listed on the Power Bill. - Switch To Solar LLC is a solar dealer, not an installation company or financier. - The solar agreement is not a loan or a lease, this is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). You can find out more about what a PPA is HERE. - Zero out of pocket cost to make the switch to solar assumes a Power Purchase Agreement with either Sunnova™ or Sunrun™ as the solar provider and that you have a credit score of 650 or more (credit check required). - You must agree to a Power Purchase Agreement in order to take advantage of this Bill Assistance Grant. - To qualify, you must be a customer of San Diego Gas & Electric™ (SDG&E) or Pacific Gas & Electric™ (PG&E) and have a credit score of 650 or more. - You are NOT applying for a State or Federal government grant, this is not intended to be any form of government financial assistance. - This does not excuse you from doing your due diligence in seeking out a solar energy system for your home that best matches your budget now and in the future. We will do our very best to give you the best pricing, quality, and service as we’ve always done. We encourage you to follow the California Consumer Solar Protection Guide, which you can review by clicking here. - You'll save between 20% to 60% on your future power bills with the new solar system, and your new solar bills are paid for 12 months. - San Diego Gas & Electric™ (SDG&E) or Pacific Gas & Electric™ (PG&E) are not sponsors, involved in, or associated with this grant program. Any images, logos, or mention of SDG&E or PG&E on this site do not mean they are helping with this program whatsoever, because they are NOT.
Grants are issued by Switch To Solar LLC.

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