Switching To Solar Saved Luis 44% on His Power Bill

One of our latest clients Luis F., in Vista, CA made the switch to solar and is saving 44% on his electric each month now!

Before switching, his average electric bill from SDGE was $450. (before solar).

And now his New Solar Bill is only $252! (44% savings)

He went with PPA financing (Power Purchase Agreement) and there was ZERO cost to make the switch!

  • This new price also includes 15% MORE energy, so now he can crank the AC a bit more without paying extra. It get HOT in California.
  • No more 4-9pm stress, he can use the power any time of the day and still have the same fixed rate!
  • The maintenance and monitoring is all included for 25 yrs, it’s completely hands free. He doesn’t have to do a thing!
  • He can sell his home with confidence and easily transfer the PPA to the new homeowner.

Covid-19 Update: New Power Bill Assistance Grants Available through May 1st

No down payments! No installation payments! This is a GRANT!

Text ASSIST to (619) 304-0123 and find out INSTANTLY if you qualify!

Wondering how much you can save by making the switch?

We’re now offering a Power Bill Assistance Grant opportunity!

We know that your finances may be experiencing major setbacks from the global outbreak of COVID-19. We understand that a little financial support can go a long way, so we are offering a new power bill assistance grant that pays your power bills for 12 months when you switch to solar. We hope this helps more families during this challenging time.

Latest Video

How Many Solar Panel Do I Need On My Roof?

In this video, Brent breaks down the simple math to determine how many solar panels you would need to power your home by using the kilowatt-hours you use which can be found in the graph on your power bill.

Now available on Spotify and Google Podcasts

Virtual Meetings

On site inspections are not requiring you meet them outside. They don’t need access inside. 
Installation crews are outside only and you do not have to meet them in person. 

Giving Back

To support you, we’ve collaborated  with our installation partners to give back and help you as you make the switch to Solar. We’ve developed a new Power Bill Assistance Grant that pays your power bill for 12 months.

We'll Pay Your Bills

Plus we’ll give you up to $1500 cash towards any other bills to help ease the burden during this difficult time.

Who's eligible

This grant is available for homeowners that are customers of San Diego Gas & Electric*. Enrollment is open for a limited time. Once we service and fund the first round of grants, we’ll consider re-opening enrollment. Apply now to instantly find out if you’re pre-qualified

Zero cost to make the switch!

What does “zero cost” installation really mean?

Look, we understand the last thing you need right now is another payment or expense. That’s why we’re offering a unique zero cost program to make the switch to solar. This means the first time you make a payment of any sort will be for your new solar bill, which will be at least 12 months away.

You’ll never be asked for any upfront payment or fees of any sort.

We’ll design the system, acquire required permits, procure the parts, complete the installation, and ensure it all gets inspected and turned on… for ZERO upfront cost.
Plus, when you qualify for the grant, you’ll have all your new solar power bills paid for 12 months.
This is truly a no-brainer decision for homeowners that are finally ready to make the switch to solar and need help now more than eve.

Why Switch to Solar?

It’s electricity the way you’ve always wanted it. One low monthly price at a fixed rate.
No sudden increases or spikes, no matter the season. No need to maintain or monitor anything.
Always running efficiently and saving you money.

Grants issued by Switch To Solar LLC.

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